"The Bugg Banner works great on our RV. When we took the banner down after travelling to Tampa the front was as clean as when we left. Great idea."

(Keystone Montana High Country)

-David C. *South Carolina

"After opening the kit I was impressed at how good the parts looked and how easy the instructions were to read and understand."

(Jayco Eagle)

-James B. *North Carolina

"We just took the 5th Wheel from Colorado to Missouri and the BuggBanner helped a lot with the bugs."

(Forest River Rockwood)

-John C. *Colorado

"Bugg Banner works great and I get a lot of comments on my Army Banner.  It stays in place while driving and the banners are made of high quality material."

(Forest River Rockwood)

-John L. *Michigan

"I will never be without a Bugg Banner, it's great."

(Keystone Cougar)

-Bob L. *Utah

"We drove from Shelby North Carolina to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.  Bugg Banner worked GREAT!"

(Keystone Raptor)

-Aaron A. *North Carolina

"This is our 5th R.V. When I read about your product it was like mana from heaven! LOL."

(Forest River Cedar Creek)

-John K. *Florida

"I was very pleased with the quality of the product.  The customer service was great!  I purchased the fire fighter banner and now I am able to proudly display my fire fighter banner background and affiliation with others while I am camping.  I would definitely recommend this product line to anyone whether it be for travel protection, storage, or a personalized display."

(Grand Design Solitude)

-Harold M. *California

"Thank you for your help, and we think your product is GENIUS!!!"

(Keystone Montana)

-Tony and Laura B. *Idaho

"Thank you for finally coming out with something to help preserve the looks of our new 5th wheel.  It seems that every time we go to Florida, those "LOVE BUGS" are out and get plastered all over the front of our camper.  They are very hard to get off and usually take a little of the lettering with it.  Also, if we travel for a month, from stop to stop, we don't want to clean the front of our camper at every stop."

(Grand Design Reflection)

-Roger N. *Tennessee

"We took our first trip, and WOW what a HUGE difference.  Since we have a front window on our fiver, I always had to make cleaning the window the first step upon arrival and it was a long, nasty and difficult process.  No more!!!  We simply lowered Bugg Banner and..... ta da!.... beautiful forest campground without bug splatter.  I am definitely a believer!"

(Keystone Montana)

-Scott A. *California

"I put almost 9,000 miles on the 5th wheel and the banner worked great.  I never had to wash off bugs, except a few below the banner.  I am a big fan and certainly a Happy Camper!"

(Carriage Cameo)

-Bob L. *California

"We love the Bugg Banner, it saves us a lot of washing bugs."

(Keystone Raptor)

-Debbie H. *Minnesota

"Normally I am a leery internet shopper but, my experience with Bugg Banner has been superb, in performance, quality and customer service.  We just returned from our first long trip (1800 miles) with Bugg Banner and it worked just as advertised and there was no rubbing of the paint on my camper."

(Forest River Cardinal)

- Ancil H. *Alabama

"The Bugg Banner worked great at keeping the bug splatter down and off the front of the camper.  I wish I had started using it sooner than I did."

(Keystone Montana)

- James P. *Arkansas

"I have been in the RV Business since 1972, and I don't know how many times I have cleaned bug guts and debris off my RV's.  I was excited to find Bugg Banner, now when I get to the camp ground I don't have to spend an hour cleaning the bugs off of my 5th wheel.  It is especially convenient when I move every week or two and it saves me hours upon hours during a 5 or 6 thousand mile trip."  

(Carriage Cameo)

- Bill G. *California

"Proudly flying our Bugg Banner in Montana at the moment.  Works awesome! 1000 miles under our belts so far."

(Northwoods Fox Mountain)

- Todd & Veronica B. *Wisconsin

"We have had the Bugg Banner on our last 2 campers, and we love this product.  We never go on a trip without putting the Bugg Banner on because, its so simple.  This is a must for anyone who wants to preserve the nose of their camper."

(Heartland Cyclone)

- Karry O. *Michigan

"Love our Bugg Banner.  On our first trip from Ohio to the Outer Banks and back, it stayed on great with no movement."  

(Keystone Cougar)

- Ed H. *Ohio

"We travelled to Alaska last summer on a fantasy tour and it worked flawlessly for over 10,000 miles.  Love it."

(Vanleigh Vilano)

- David N. *California

"I wish I had bought the Bugg Banner when our 5th wheel was new.  It was easy to install and customer service is helpful.  We are completely satisfied with out Bugg Banner."

(Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen)

- Vern and Margaret H. *Kansas

"After installing the Bugg Banner on our Solitude, we went on a camping trip and it did as advertised.  When I removed it at the camp ground the nose cap was clean. I cannot say the same about the grill on my pickup truck, it was full of bugs of all sorts.  It is easy to raise and lower."

(Grand Design Solitude)

Steven D. *Louisiana

"I have had Bugg Banner on my camper for a year.  Last summer we drove from Florida to Maine and the banner worked as advertised.  It saved me 90% of the time it used to take to clean the nose and camper.  It is easy to clean, raise, lower and store.  Thanks Bugg Banner."

(Heartland Landmark)

Terry K. *Florida

"I have pulled my R.V. approximately 3500 miles with the Bugg Banner.  Through thunder storms and high winds.  It is amazing how this thing stays firmly in place and even more amazing how easy it is to raise or lower and remove.  It is rare that I find a product that is even better than advertised.  I love it!"

(Keystone Fuzion)

Buddy P. *Virginia

"We just took a 70 day trip to the northeast.  Bugg Banner worked great!! If you like cleaning bugs off the front cap then don't buy this product.  But if you like a nice clean front cap then this is the best thing on the market.  What more can I say it goes on and off easily and doesn't move around at all while on the road."

(Cedar Creek Silver Back)

Greg M. *Texas

"The Bugg Banner has exceeded my expectations with its quality, ease of installation and use.  Since I put this on my camper, I spend very little time cleaning it.  One of the best add-ons I could have purchased.  Thank you!"

(Grand Design Reflection)

Jason S. *Pennsylvania

"I ordered the Bugg Banner 1 year ago.  It was easy to install.  Then I headed to Texas/Arizona, and the banner worked perfectly.  My wife and I no longer spend hours on ladders scrubbing bugs!!!  I wish I had had this product a long time ago for several 7,000-11,000 mile trips.  Great, great product."

(Keystone Challenger)

Paul M. *Minnesota

"We have used the Bugg Banner now on two trips, one from Virginia to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the other to Arizona.  It worked flawlessly.  What does that mean? No tears or rips, not even a flutter when traveling 80mph.  I used to spend a lot of time removing bugs as carefully as possible without damaging the campers finish.  Now I just clean the banner.  It is one awesome product.  Thanks!"

(Jayco Eagle)

Ron L. *Virginia

"I would never leave home without it.  Since we have a front window, it is important that it is clean when I park.  After driving across country twice the bugs were easy to clean.  Place the Bugg Banner in the wash, and you are ready for whatever else the road can throw at it."

(Keystone Montana)

Tony B. *California

"In 2017 we changed from a Class A to a 5th wheel.  I love everything about the new rig except having to clean the nose cap!  Any travel that includes dawn or dusk driving results in a big mess on the nose cap that is a pain to clean off.  The Bugg Banner works exactly as described.  The installation was simple and now it only takes a minute or two to remove or raise the banner.  Thanks!"

(Forest River Sandpiper)

Leon E. *California

"I gotta tell ya, this banner has been a huge time saver for me.  Not only do I not have to spend hours cleaning bugs, but in the long run it is going to save my gel coat and decals.  I have washed it numerous times and it keeps its shape like new.  I have seen on some forums that "it probably flaps in the wind going down the highway".  Well, I can tell you from experience that is sooooo not the case.  It was like a second skin on my nose cap.  Thanks for an awesome product!"

(Forest River Cedar Creek)

Derek B. *Canada

"I won't move a 5th wheel without Bugg Banner being on the front.  Installation was easy, and I can put it up or take it down by myself in only a moment or two.  This product does exactly what they claim it will do."

(Keystone Montana)

Richard G. *Washington

"It used to take 2 hrs to clean the nose cap after a trip, now it is a dream to clean.  What a great product!"

(Keystone Montana)

Robert G. *Florida

"Bugg Banner is one of the best upgrades that I have done to my trailer, and I have done many.  It's so easy to install and even easier to take off and put on.  Saves so much time cleaning the nasty bugs off, no more of that with this product.  I will always have one on my trailer."

(Jayco Eagle)

Brian C.  *Illinois

"We put the Bugg Banner on our 5th wheel this year.  It covers the front glass window on our Montana High Country and it didn't take long to save us from a considerable expense.  Some where along the east coast it deflected a large rock which then, didn't even scratch the glass.  Thank you Bugg Banner."

(Montana High Country)

William T.  *Ohio

"I've been very pleased with my Bugg Banner purchase.  My recent trip to Florida from Upstate New York resulted in a bug season in full swing once I hit southern Virginia.  My front cap had minimal cleanup required.  Really glad I made the purchase."

(Grand Design Reflection)

Michael C.  *New York

"We are full time RVers and travel year around moving every couple of weeks.  Prior to Bugg Banner, I spend those days scrubbing the nose of my 5th wheel.  Now I can enjoy my days camping.  This is a simple and great solution to a common problem everyone has.  I would highly recommend this to anyone with a 5th wheel."

(Palomino Columbus)

Brian K.  *Maine

"The best investment we have made for our 5th wheel!  No more bugs to clean off!! and no rock chips!!!"

(KZ Durango Gold)

Wayne L.  *Arizona

"We love our BUGG BANNER!  It made the front of our faded fifth wheel look good again.  It's easy to put on, and travels well."

(Dutchman Voltage)

Jeff M.  *Utah