"The Bugg Banner works great on our RV. When we took the banner down after travelling to Tampa the front was as clean as when we left. Great idea."

-David C. *South Carolina

"After opening the kit I was impressed at how good the parts looked and how easy the instructions were to read and understand."

-James B. *North Carolina

"We just took the 5th Wheel from Colorado to Missouri and the BuggBanner helped a lot with the bugs."

-John C. *Colorado

"Bugg Banner works great and I get a lot of comments on my Army Banner.  It stays in place while driving and the banners are made of high quality material."

-John L. *Michigan

"I will never be without a Bugg Banner, it's great."

-Bob L. *Utah

"We drove from Shelby North Carolina to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.  Bugg Banner worked GREAT!"

-Aaron A. *North Carolina

"This is our 5th R.V. When I read about your product it was like mana from heaven! LOL."

-John K. *Florida

"I was very pleased with the quality of the product.  The customer service was great!  I purchased the fire fighter banner and now I am able to proudly display my fire fighter banner background and affiliation with others while I am camping.  I would definitely recommend this product line to anyone whether it be for travel protection, storage, or a personalized display."

-Harold M. *California

"Thank you for your help, and we think your product is GENIUS!!!"

-Tony and Laura B. *Idaho

"Thank you for finally coming out with something to help preserve the looks of our new 5th wheel.  It seems that every time we go to Florida, those "LOVE BUGS" are out and get plastered all over the front of our camper.  They are very hard to get off and usually take a little of the lettering with it.  Also, if we travel for a month, from stop to stop, we don't want to clean the front of our camper at every stop."

-Roger N. *Tennessee

"We took our first trip, and WOW what a HUGE difference.  Since we have a front window on our fiver, I always had to make cleaning the window the first step upon arrival and it was a long, nasty and difficult process.  No more!!!  We simply lowered Bugg Banner and..... ta da!.... beautiful forest campground without bug splatter.  I am definitely a believer!"

-Scott A. *California

"I put almost 9,000 miles on the 5th wheel and the banner worked great.  I never had to wash off bugs, except a few below the banner.  I am a big fan and certainly a Happy Camper!"

-Bob L. *California

"We love the Bugg Banner, it saves us a lot of washing bugs."

-Debbie H. *Minnesota