Frequently asked questions and answers...

1.  Can I travel with Bugg Banner on the front of my R.V.?
Yes, you can. Bugg Banner is designed to travel down the road at normal driving speeds in order to protect your camper from bugs and road debris.

2.  Can I clean Bugg Banner?
The banner may be machine washed in cold water, gentle cycle with mild detergent. Air dry only (DO NOT MACHINE DRY).

3.  Can I use Bugg Banner in the rain?
Yes, Bugg Banner was designed to exceed expectations in any climate.  Actually when wet, the banner conforms to the front of your camper like spandex would.

4.  Can I install Bugg Banner with basic tools or do I need something special?
Bugg Banner is to be installed with basic hand tools.  We recommend drilling the screw holes with a battery powered drill and using a screw driver to install the screws.  Depending on your make and model you may need to cut a little of the rope shields with a hand or hack saw.  As well as using scissors or a knife to cut the retrieval ropes to the recommended length, and burning the ends of the ropes with a lighter before completing the remaining installation steps.

5.  Will Bugg Banner flap back and forth or whip while I am driving down the interstate?
Please refer to our "Photos and Videos" page and see for yourself.

6.  Will Bugg Banner fit on my travel trailer?
No, however we are currently developing a Bugg Banner kit that will.

7. Does the Bugg Banner kit come with a banner?
Yes the kit includes all necessary hardware and 1 banner. 

8. Can I leave Bugg Banner raised tight and in the riding position while camping or parked at home?
We recommend that while you are not traveling to let Bugg Banner relax.  Simply pop the hoist rope out of the cam cleat and allow the banner to fall 2 or more inches to relax.  Then simply put the hoist rope back into the cam cleat.  Allowing Bugg Banner to relax will lengthen the life of your banner.

9. Can I raise and lower a wet banner?
We recommend that you allow Bugg Banner to dry before raising or lowering.  

10. Can I swap out the kit banner for a different banner for the same price?
Unfortunately no, you must purchase all other banners separately.  

11.  Will the ropes bounce or rub on my camper while I am traveling?
No, our kits come with hardware we call rope shields, the rope travels down the side of your camper inside these shields.  You may use BuggBanner with or without the rope shields.  

12.  Can I leave the banner up during snow or icy weather?
No, we recommend that the banner be removed before snow or icy weather.  The build up of snow and ice on the banner may weaken the fabric and make for premature wear on your banner.  The accumulation of snow and ice create a lot of extra weight pulling on the banner.  The hardware however will be fine.