Bugg Banner

an innovative product that was designed to provide protection while you travel.

As you travel, bugs and debris repeatedly bombard the front of your RV. Some insects have very acidic body fluids that can cause permanent paint and decal damage if not promptly removed. Diesel fuel flying from big rigs can also stain fiberglass finishes. By simply hoisting Bugg Banner onto the front of your RV and locking it into place before traveling, you can achieve a degree of protection that has not been previously available. The patented Bugg Banner system includes all the necessary hardware to provide this new shield for your RV. After reaching your destination, simply lower and remove the soiled Bugg Banner, wash with mild detergent, let air dry and re-hoist into position for the trip home. 

Maintaining the appearance of your camper can mean a better resale value and Bugg Banner can help make that happen!



Our Thoughts...

Thank you for your interest in BuggBanner.  For decades, many campers have been frustrated with the effects of insects and other debris destroying their RV’s as they travel.  It has been a problem for so long that many RVers have accepted it as “part of RVing”.  As a result of this long-lived view, some folks find it hard to believe that a product as seemingly simple as BuggBanner will actually help protect their nose cap. We understand the skepticism. But, it’s true.

Also, BuggBanner was designed with a primary purpose.  That purpose is to help protect your 5th wheel from the damaging effects of whatever your RV encounters on the road… bugs, grease, diesel fuel, etc.  The kit banner is designed to travel the highways and show minimal amount of stains.  Raising an American Flag banner or similar banner, as some have suggested, onto the front of your RV and traveling would be a big mistake.  Inasmuch as the banners are machine washable, the effects of road grime on a light shade banner may be permanent.  Using the kit banner as a travel banner, for which it is designed, will eliminate any possible damage to any “specialty” banners you may have purchased.

Another point that some may not realize is having the option of totally removing the banner once you arrive at your camping destination.  As previously mentioned, BuggBanners main objective is to keep your RV as clean as possible while traveling.  But, should you prefer, it takes literally less than two minutes to remove the travel banner after you have reached the campground.  Then, your RV will appear as it always has.  Except, it will be clean.

Keeping the front of your RV clean is finally no longer a dream.  BuggBanner is the product that can finally allow you to travel and not worry about your investment being destroyed.  We know you will love BuggBanner.  Actually, WE GUARANTEE IT!

TOP PHOTO:  This is the new kit banner, you can travel, camp, or store your RV using BuggBanner.  (With the purchase of a kit you will receive all hardware and 1 travel banner).

BOTTOM PHOTO:  You can camp or store your RV with no banner.  Simply take down your banner and throw it in a storage compartment. All hardware is pulled tight and tucked away while you are camping, displaying a clean bug free nose cap.